Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to the Three Peaks, a school that I am proud to be Headteacher of.  It is important that I share with you the vision for the future of Three Peaks, as we journey together towards providing good outcomes for all our pupils.

My passion and vision for quality education is clear.  I demand the highest expectations from everyone who works with the children of Three Peaks.  It is important to aim for nothing short of outstanding outcomes for all pupils, whilst concentrating on the individual, encouraging and nurturing personal interests and giving the time to discover individual talents and skills.  A school must create a learning environment and establish a love of learning so that pupils gain an enthusiasm for learning that remains throughout life.   All pupils should achieve their full potential across a wide and varied curriculum, including academic, artistic and athletic studies.

At Three Peaks, we will work hard to ensure that our pupils experience the richness of the cultural world.  Pupils will learn to be a member of the wider community, they will develop their understanding of a range of views and beliefs and develop their understanding and appreciation of British values.  We will support them as they develop as citizens and learn to work as part of a team.

As you would expect, exemplary behaviour will be expected from the whole school community.  Good home/school communication and partnership will also be expected and welcomed, so that any academic, pastoral or behavioural issues can be addressed as early as possible and our pupils will can receive the best possible support towards making good progress.  We will expect all pupils to try their very best at all times whilst we both challenge and support them.  We will also champion those pupils who need additional support, as every child is important.

This is an exciting time for Three Peaks Primary Academy.  With the support of our sponsor, The Creative Education Trust, we look forward to seeing the school continue to improve the educational provision it provides for the children of Wilnecote, Stoneydelph and the surrounding areas.

Richard Penn-Bourton