Children at Three Peaks use the Internet on a regular basis as part of their learning. We believe it is important to not only teach children how to use technology but how to use it safely. We do this by delivering e-safety lessons throughout the year to provide the children with skills and knowledge on how to stay safe online.

At home, many children use the internet for learning and playing games. We encourage parents/carers to supervise their children when they are using it, but we know at times they may be unsupervised. To ensure your child stays safe online at home, we have provided some information and useful links below. Please discuss e-safety with your child and explore the sites with them as they have games and child-friendly videos on staying safe online.


(contains information/videos on internet safety for children aged 5 to 16 and parents/carers)

(videos and games on internet safety)

(download Hectors World safety button – this is a tool for your child to use if they see something on the computer that they upset/worried/unsure about. The file installs a Hector World character that appears on the screen. This allows your child to click on it when needed and an underwater scene appears.

(a series of animations that illustrate the SMART rules for staying safe online for children aged 8 to 11)

 (video from the CEOP ThinkUKnow education programme and is suitable for 8 to 10 year olds. It helps children to understand that they need to be protective of their personal information online as well as in the real world)

 (provides information on what children may do online, risks and dangers of being online, information and useful tips on how to keep your child safe online)