At Three Peaks Primary Academy, are pupils are immersed in a curriculum that is broad, balanced and rigorous.  Our teaching staff are committed to an innovative and reflective approach to teaching, which provides challenge for all and enables every individual to be a successful learner.  

All schools have their own unique identity and we believe that at Three Peaks Primary Academy, we have created a friendly, caring and supportive environment that encourages all pupils to fulfil their true potential.  We take pride in the fact that our children are nurtured in a safe, enjoyable and respectful learning environment

We want children to be able to articulate themselves, be good readers and writers and be able to carry out mathematical calculations.  For this reason, these areas of learning underpin all that we do at the school.  The greater part of the curriculum time is spent on ensuring that these are taught to the pupils. 

Our curriculum, Topic Pathways,  is designed in accordance with the National Curriculum and is a way for the staff at Three Peaks to deliver a thorough, in-depth and engaging curriculum for our children.  It is progressive; skill-based and allows the children to develop knowledge in all areas of the curriculum – all of which will prepare the children for the next stage in the journey as life-long learners.  We recognise that long term learning requires experiences which are based on Creative Education Trust’s six key concepts : structure, pattern, meaning, performance, human interaction and practice.  

The Topic Pathway curriculum values prior learning and encourages the children to ask questions and take ownership of their own learning.  It allows children practice new learning and revisit prior skills and knowledge in order to develop and embed it.  We have ensured that the curriculum covers the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum in a way in which it matches the needs and interests of our children.  We believe that active learning takes place through active engagement. 

We recognise that learning does not only take place in the classroom and we regularly share learning expectations with parents and carers.  Topic homework is set to support and extend learning, and explore areas of interests.  School trips and experience days are planned to further children’s experiences. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The EYFS Curriculum is designed to develop key communication and numeracy skills through well-taught and challenging practical activities.  Planned structured play activities help the children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.  A combination of creative and physical activities stimulate their desire to learn and develop social schools.  A key element of this is the teaching of phonics.   

Phonics Teaching

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all engage with our very structured and rigorous Read Write Inc phonics programme.  As well as regular teaching of the necessary decoding skills to read, we regularly assess children (every eight weeks), move their groups based on prior attainment and ensure that they are working towards a national level of achievement. 

The Value of Reading

Literacy is at the heart of what we do and underpins our curriculum because reading is essential in its own right but also important for language development, thinking skills, empathy and links with other all other areas of learning.  Children will read individually, and in groups, called guided reading, and as a whole class.  The children will be exposed to a variety of books and genres.  Children in EYFS and KS1 will take two reading books home, one to practise their decoding and one to develop a love of reading.  In KS2 the children will take home a graded reading book from a range of reading schemes  including Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat and xxxx which are graded in accordance with the Book Band Levels.  The children also have access to a range of reading material in our school library and in class/year group book area and these are available for them take home.  We have an expectation that parents will play a key role in supporting their child’s reading development and promote this responsibility through the use of reading challenges.  We value the importance of giving children the opportunity to hear adults read and class texts are identified for each topic taught. 

We recognise the importance of  children sharing books with adults and ensure that all children at Three Peaks hear an adult read on a very regular basis.  They develop an appreciation of how books can take you to different places, introduce you to different characters and allow you to face different challenges and adventures (both fictional and real).  We recognise the importance reading has in unlocking new knowledge and challenging ideas.  Due to this, we ensure that all children also have the opportunity to discuss reading with peers and adults across the school.  

The Mathematics Curriculum

Our Mathematics teaching is based around the White Rose scheme of work and is underpinned through a solid understanding of number.  Mathematical skills and concepts are developed alongside problem solving and reasoning skills.  This allows the children to conceptualise their understanding and builds resilient mathematicians who are prepared to experiment and challenge. 

The Topic Pathways Curriculum

The Topic Pathways Curriculum takes the objectives from the National Curriculum and teaches them through a topic-based curriculum.  This encompasses : Art, Design and technology, History and Geography.  Where possible Science English and Maths objectives are also linked to the topics.  (In Science some areas of learning are taught as discreet topics). 

Depending on the topic,  certain subjects may carry greater weighting however our objective coverage documentation ensures that all objectives are covered in sufficient depth.  The planning of the Topic Pathways is designed in such a way that many of the learning objectives, especially those relating to skill development,  are covered more than once allowing children to deepen their abilities and understanding. 

Curriculum Intent Documents 

Reading and Writing Curriculum Coverage

Read Write Inc Curriculum

Mathematics Curriculum Coverage

Curriculum Coverage Documents

Year Group Topic Overviews