Nursery & Reception

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding open evenings for prospective parents to come and look around our Nursery. Please call the school on 01827 896424 for more information or email Mrs Woodward (EYFS Phase Leader):

Three Peaks Primary Academy has fantastic Reception and Nursery classes which provide the children with a high quality start to school life.

We recognise the importance of high quality early years provision and ensure that all children are taught and supported by experienced members of staff. Both Reception and Nursery work closely together to ensure that the children have both an enjoyable and successful Early Years experience. An experience where they get to explore the world around them , discover new and exciting things and wonder at what they have learnt about and discovered.

Our Nursery unit, is a teacher-led provision meaning that all activities are planned by a fully qualified teacher and a teacher is always present in the setting teaching activities and assessing pupils. We offer places for children aged 3 who turn 4 in during the academic year September to July. In addition to the 15 hour entitlement all children aged 3 receive, we are able to offer an additional 15 hours of provision which may be accessed using a 30 hour eligibility code or through direct parent payment.

We are aware that starting Nursery and Reception can be a huge change for children and parents. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, Three Peaks staff will work closely with parents, carers and other settings to ensure the children know who they will be working with and what the environment is like. Parents and carers will get the chance to meet and chat with teachers and support staff to share any concerns they have and to discuss any needs and to celebrate what their child can do.

Throughout Early Years, the staff at Three Peaks ensure that strong relationships are forged with home. The children’s learning and achievements are recorded using a system called Tapestry which allows parents/carers to see what work the children have been doing in school, what they have learnt and what can be done to support them more at home. Parents/carers are also encouraged to share thing that the children have done out of school using Tapestry which allows our staff to celebrate with the children and fully get to know their pupils.