We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the staff of Three Peaks Primary Academy. Staff at Three Peaks value the partnership between home and school and are contactable via the school office should you need to make an appointment to discuss any matters that arise.

Senior management Responsibility
Mr Richard Penn-Bourton Headteacher
Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Jane Shelton Smith Deputy Headteacher/ Year 6 Teacher
Senior Leadership Team

Early Years Foundation Stage 

Teaching staff  Responsibility
Mrs Emily Woodward EYFS Lead/ Nursery Teacher
Senior Leadership Team
Miss Simrit Sandhu Reception Teacher – EYFS Data and Assessment Lead
Mrs Natalie Cook Reception Teacher
Mrs Lisa Colloff TA Support
Mrs Jane Jones TA Support
Mrs Clare Harris TA Support
Mrs Debbie Moseley TA Support

Phase 1 (Key Stage 1 + Year 3)

Teaching staff  Responsibility
Miss Katy Bassett Assistant Head – Phase 1 Leader/English Lead/ Year 2 Teacher
Senior Leadership Team
Mrs Angela Pickering Year 1 Teacher
Miss Kerry Brown Year 1 Teacher
Mr Pete Hoare Year 2 Teacher / Maths Lead
Mrs Louise Bentley Year 3 Teacher
Mr Alex Barton Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Jo Cox TA Support
Mrs Debbie Hall TA Support
Mrs Tanis Brown TA Support
Mrs Lisa Mitchell TA Support
Mrs Debbie Hall TA Support
Mrs Sue Bolton TA Support

Phase 2 (Years 4, 5 and 6)

Teaching staff  Responsibility
Mr Mark Hughes Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Jane Shelton-Smith Year 4 Teacher
Mr Jay Birmingham Year 5 Teacher
Mr Lewis Ball Year 5 Teacher
Miss Lucy Villers Year 6 Teacher
Mr Chris Imber Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Helen Watson Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Jackie Read TA Support
Mrs Karen Edgington TA Support
Mrs Kate Frost TA Support
Mrs Donna Millward TA Support
Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs Kim Andrews
Mrs Karen Hewish
Pupil Support
Mrs Elaine Blaby
Site Manager
Mr Rob Elscey
Admin Staff
Mrs Linda Barrett
Miss Charlie Blaby