Help for CET Communities

Dear Creative Education Trust Community Member,

It is no secret that the current economy is difficult for many organisations, individuals and families. There is no shame if you or someone that you know is struggling, as so many are. Now is the time for us to help each other.

As a Trust, we believe in our academies being at the centre of their local communities. This was the case throughout the pandemic and will remain the case throughout these difficult times.

There is help available, but it is often difficult to navigate your way to find that help. This document is our attempt at helping you find the help available to you by putting everything we can find in one place for you. Though we have no direct involvement with running these programmes and cannot advise on which may be right for you, we believe that they are all current and running as intended.

If you have any difficulty reading through this document, please contact Michelle Darlaston, to help you.


Creative Education Trust

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