Month: March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Updated: 20th March 2020

From Monday 23 March Three Peaks Primary Academy will be closed to most pupils until further notice.

Government advice is for all children to stay at home and refrain from any social contact. However, the school is making provision to accommodate vulnerable children and the children/wards of key workers. Letters are on the website clarifying these categories, with instructions for what to do if your child/ward falls into either category.

With parents’ co-operation we will confirm pupils should come to school on Monday today, Friday 20th March.

Arrangements are in place for the continuity of education for all pupils in and out of school.

Government Updates

COVID-19 Education and Childcare – guidance for teachers, school leaders, carers, parents and students

COVID-19 Education and Childcare – guidance for teachers, carers, parents and students

NHS information about Coronavirus

World Book Day/Book Tasting Event – Friday 6th March 2020

The school held their first Book Tasting event on Friday 6th March 2020 to coincide with World Book Day.

The event aimed to support parents in having a greater understanding of different authors and the different genres of books their child could be reading at home. During the event, parents discovered new authors along with their child, listened to some fantastic poetry read by children and had the opportunity to listen to their child’s class teacher read as they would with their class.

It was a morning full of interesting book talk and brought parents and children to enjoy reading together!

This is the first of many reading sessions the school will be holding.

Parents/Carers shared their views of the event:

“Really enjoyed book tasting this morning, Mr Hoare shows real passion for what he does! Got a feeling I will be asked to go to WH Smiths this weekend.” Parent (child in Year 2)

“We had such a lovely morning albeit i had to leave early. It’s so lovely seeing my daughter in the classroom and enjoying school like she does. Year 1 has def brought the best out of her and she loves her class teacher beyond words and says I want to be like her when I’m older. Already ordered 2 new books since home.” Parent (child in Year 1)

“Had a great time at book tasting session today with my own little Harry O’Hay, from The Scarecrows Wedding – Julia Donaldson.” Parent (child in Year 2)

“Had the pleasure of taking 1 of my mindees this morning, and really enjoyed it. The children all looked fantastic in their costumes. Mr Barton is an amazing storyteller and you could see he captured all the children’s and adult’s attention. Well done all, we had a lovely morning.” Childminder (child in Year 3)

“Had a lovely morning and Mr Barton’s reading is amazing! So fun for the kids to listen to him.Parent (child in Year 3)

“Had an amazing morning. Can’t wait until the next one. Teachers and kids all looked amazing.” Parent (child in Year 3)

“Was such a lovely morning. Dan and I really enjoyed looking at all the different books together.” Parent (child in Year 2)

“Had a lovely morning. Lacey’s excited for next year’s lol.” Parent (child in Year 2)

“The session was the best one attended so far. Loved the way Mr Hoare got the kids involved and how confident they were talking even with the parents in the room. The excitement from the children too. We have already ordered one of the books we looked at yesterday. Just a couple of things that would make it even better. More notice for the parents to be able to attend and arrange work cover.The presentation that was displayed to us, maybe could be put on social media for the parents that could not attend as had some really useful information. Thanks. Well done teachers.” Parent (child in Year 2)

Brooke has never been a child who likes to read so has never really put much effort in but she has come along way since being in Year 4. She filled me with pride standing up at the front of the class to read a poem. Seeing the smile on her face was priceless. Love mornings like this where we can see our children in a differnet light. Something a parent doesn’t really get to see. Had a lovely mornin g and all the children looked fab, teachers too.” Parent (child in Year 4)

“More mornings like this would be great.” Parent (child in Year 2)