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What Our Children Think

We asked our oldest children in Year 6 to tell us their views on the school.  We were humbled by what they said :

"Inspiration is everywhere... all of the teachers are so supportive.  It feels like you never want to leave!" 

"All of the teachers are helpful and they always encourage us.  They challenge us and make us feel we can do it!" 

"This school always has an open door.  Each class has a fun teacher and lovely children.  Since the day I arrived I have grown closer and closer to this school.  In every session there is a student smiling or laughing but learning..."

"I was new to Three Peaks and I was taken in with open arms.  I love the teachers here they are wonderful and so are the other students.  All of my teachers have been there to help me with my work if I get stuck."   Brooke

"I love this school! Teachers make sure we can talk to them anytime and anywhere about anything.  Everyone works together, we make a happy environment.  Teachers make sure we achieve our ambitions and push us to be the best we can.  I feel I can achieve anything!"

"The teachers are very supportive and great fun."  Jack

"Our school is the best! We have helpful teachers and TA's to help us when we are stuck.  We are happy to welcome new people to our school and we make sure nobody gets left out."  Louise

"I love this school because all of the children are very kind.  Every morning I can't wait to get to school.  Our school is amazing!" 


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