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Supporting Read Write Inc. at home

Get reading. Keep reading.  Change everything!

The following videos have been made to help parents and carers support their children with their phonics learning.  

Sound Pronunciation Guide - How to properly pronounce the different phonic sound which make up the English Language.

Teaching Set 1 Sounds - A guide inhow to support your child to learn the Set 1 Sounds.

Two Letters, One Sound - How to support those sounds which are made up of two letters.

Sound Blending - How to support your child with the blending of sounds, a key reading skill.

Independent Blending - Support for developing the independent blending of sounds.

Reading Speed Sounds in Storybooks - Examples of how to support your child reading their speed sounds in their storybooks.

Reading Green and Red Words in Storybooks - A video showing how to use Red and Green word sections of your child's storybooks. 

Explaining the meaning of new words in Storybooks - A video on how to introduce new vocabulary for new storybooks.

Using the Speed Words activity in Storybooks - This video will show you how to engage in the Speed Word activity in your child's storybook.

Learning to play Fred Games - Fred is a small green frog we use in Read Write Inc. sessions.  Fred speaks only in sounds and the children say the words for him.  This video gives some examples of games you can play with Fred to develop your child's reading skills.


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