Young Carers


Our Young Carer Lead is Mrs Emily Woodward

Young carers are 18 years of age or younger and help to care for someone at home.

Young carers may regularly help a family member, adult or child who has any of the following:

  • A longterm illness or health condition, such as epilepsy or diabetes
  • A physical disability, such as mobility issues or blindness
  • Someone who ‘has a diagnosis of’ is ‘currently experiencing’ or ‘is being treated for a mental health problem.
  • A problem with drugs or alcohol

Young Carers may have to do undertake some of the following jobs:

  • Help someone to move from place to place
  • Help someone wash or go to the toilet
  • Help someone get dressed
  • Cook meals
  • Do the housework
  • Get the food shopping
  • Collect benefits and prescriptions
  • Give someone their medicine or pills
  • Go with someone to the doctor or hospital
  • Take responsibility for a brother or sister
  • Translate or interpret for someone
  • Manage the family’s budget
  • Cheer someone up or help them when they are feeling down

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