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Phonics Teaching

Phonics is a way of teaching children to read quickly and skilfully.  They are taught how to :

  • recognise the sounds that each individual letter makes;
  • identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make - such as 'sh' or 'oo'; and
  • blend these sounds together from left to right to make a word.

Pupils can then use this knowledge to 'de-code' new words that they hear or see.  This is the first important step in learning to read.

The school has recently introduced the Read, Write Inc. Phonics programme as it's primary phonics teaching programme.    In Read, Write Inc. Phonics lessons, children learn to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension.  They learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by-step.  

Throughout the programme, children learn the English alphabetic code: the 150+ graphemes that represent 44 speech sounds.  They rapidly learn sounds and the letter or groups of letters, they need to represent them in three sets of Speed Sounds Lessons.  Simple and enjoyable mnemonics help all children to grasp the letter-sound correspondences quickly, especially those who are at risk of making slower progress or those who are new to learning English.  This learning is taught and consolidated every day.  High frequency words that are not phonically regular are taught as 'tricky' words (or Red Words) and are practised frequently.  

Lively phonic books are closely matched to children's increasing knowledge of phonics and 'tricky' words so that, early on, they experience plenty of success. Repeated readings of the texts support their increasingly fluent decoding.  

Please follow these links to support your child with their Phonics learning and to find out more about Read Write Inc.  

Understanding Phonics - What the National Curriculum says about learning to read. Why learning to read and spell in English is more difficult than in other languages.  How phonics can help.  

What is Read Write Inc. Phonics - Why children love learning to read, write and spell using Read Write Inc. Phonics.  How Read Write Inc. Phonics works in school.  How parents can help at home.  


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