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Attendance Challenge Winners

Attendance Challenge:

Children to achieve at least 96% attendance for a chance to win a Kindle Fire Tablet each half-term.

Autumn Term 2 Winners (2022)


It has come to our attention that there is “A game” being circulated via Facebook to children which contain several different actions for them to complete, including the encouragement of self-harm and hurting others. It is for this reason that we have circulated.

Help for CET Communities

Dear Creative Education Trust Community Member,

It is no secret that the current economy is difficult for many organisations, individuals and families. There is no shame if you or someone that you know is struggling, as so many are. Now is the time for us to help each other.

As a Trust, we believe in our academies being at the centre of their local communities. This was the case throughout the pandemic and will remain the case throughout these difficult times.

There is help available, but it is often difficult to navigate your way to find that help. This document is our attempt at helping you find the help available to you by putting everything we can find in one place for you. Though we have no direct involvement with running these programmes and cannot advise on which may be right for you, we believe that they are all current and running as intended.

If you have any difficulty reading through this document, please contact Michelle Darlaston, to help you.


Creative Education Trust

World Mental Health Competition Winners

A huge congratulations to Lyla, Summer and Cody who received prizes for their mental health posters.
1st place -Lyla
2nd place – Summer
3rd place – Cody
Mr Hughes and Mrs Darlaston provided comments on all 3 posters:
Lyla was able to use her newly acquired skills to create her poster. We were not only impressed with her ability to use her IT skills, but also with her understanding of how important it is to look after our mental health.
Summer has impressed us with her writing skills as she has worked really hard to copy some very tricky words whilst getting the message about looking after our mental health across.
Cody’s poster had lots of important messages on it and we loved the layout.
Thank you so much to all of the children who took the time to create posters, it really was difficult for us to choose just 3! You should all be extremely proud of yourselves – we certainly are.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

We join the nation in mourning Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her years of service and duty to the country are an example to us all and her loss will be greatly felt.

National guidance is that schools will remain open during a period of mourning. This period of national mourning will continue until the end of the State Funeral. When schools are issued guidance regarding any arrangements for the day of the State Funeral, these will be shared with parents and carers.

In the meantime, we will ensure there is appropriate opportunity for students to discuss and ask questions about the Queen’s life and reign.  We will also make available support for any student for whom this significant national event causes sadness.

TTRockStars Day

On Friday 25th March, children from Year 1 to 6 donned their best ‘Rock Star’ attire and took part in TT RockStar Day. They started their day by cheering on their teacher in a ‘Battle of the Teachers’ competition which was won by Mrs Mason in year 6 with a score of 49 in one minute. Then, throughout the day, the children took part in lots of different Times Table activities including using Chrome Books to gain as many coins as they can on their TT RockStar accounts, times table bingo, using chalk outside to create their own times table games and took part in a class competition to discover who was the ‘MVP’ in each class. We ended the day with a celebration assembly where the ‘MVP’ and ‘Best Dressed’ in each class were awarded their certificate and prizes. The children loved the day and had a great time learning and practising their times tables.

Rock on!